Handmade shoes and clothes for dolls


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Unique handmade items for your doll

All costumes for dolls presented in the catalog are made by hand. At the first glance they can understand that they are special – not the kind that are sold in regular stores. Their difference is that:
this piece products, not mass production: even the same dress for dolls, sewed by hand several times, will be a little different – this is the whole charm! Order a coat for dolls – and it will not be anyone except you;
these are products of the highest quality. Here you will see loose threads, uneven lines, no sloppy seams. Handmade doll clothes are always of impeccable quality;
you can choose the outfit you want to see on your doll, and the master will gladly fulfill your order.
Interesting idea
Does your little Princess have a favorite doll that she never breaks up with? Then she, too, must always look good, as and your pretty daughter. Whatever the doll, handmade clothing will emphasize its individuality. Doll clothes are needed not only for the child's daily play. It is useful for special occasions.
For a photo shoot. Imagine how cute will look in the photo of your girl with her favorite doll in the same outfit.
For the holidays. You are going on a New year, March 8 or another holiday to visit, but my daughter does not want to part with his favorite? Don't! Order for a doll suitable festive attire and take it with you. In the circle of children, this fashionista will be a special success.
As a gift. Do not know what to give your child a birthday or other date? Another doll dress will never be superfluous.
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